Parish News

Due to COVID restrictions we are not currently publishing a bulletin.  Find current parish updates on our blog, on the Parish Calendar, the parish FaceBook page or the e-newsletter. 


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Bulletin Publication Guidelines

Do you have something to add to the bulletin? We welcome your input. 


All articles are subject to approval.  Only articles that meet the following guidelines are considered.

  • Submit items in an editable format, such as Word or Publisher. All items are subject to editing. You can also include a pdf or jpg, if you like. Text-only announcements should be sent in Word, not in the body of your email.

  • If you submit a full page ad, please submit a half page version as well, or it will not be published. 

  • Please submit all items for the bulletin to the bulletin email address: by Tuesday at noon.  Items submitted to other email addresses will not be considered.