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Ave Maria Parish has installed a two-part "Hearing Assistance System." The first part is a T-Coil Induction Loop system that is compatible with almost all hearing aids and loop receivers (an around the neck hearing device). This part requires no user set up. However, your hearing aid must be set to the telephone setting. It will work when you are seated in Church. If you would like to try a loop receiver, please contact the parish office to arrange to borrow one. There are also a limited number available for purchase.

The second part is a wireless system that will work with most mobile devices and their paired ear buds or with blue tooth enabled hearing aids. Prior to coming to Church, the user will need to download the “AudioFetch” app from the Android or Apple app stores. Once in Church, you will need to use your mobile device to connect to the Church Wi-Fi signal. It will appear as “Ave Maria Parish AudioFetch” in the list of available wireless networks. There is NO PASSWORD for this network. When the app launches, simply choose: “without internet access” or answer “yes” if posed as a question. You will then be connected to AudioFetch. Users should use both ear buds to prevent hearing an echo due to the slight signal delay between the Church speaker system and the wireless audio system.