Parish Registration

Registration Instructions

Parish Registration is moving online.  We hope this registration process will make our registration process smoother than ever!  

To use ParishSoft, you will first need to create an account.  We approve your account and link it to your parish registration information already in the system.  Once the account is approved, you can log back in to finish registering for the parish. 

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 Step 1.  Register for ParishSoft

1. Go to internet location:

2. Select "New User?" to create an account. 


3. In New User Registration, be sure to select "Ave Maria Catholic Church" as the Organization in the dropdown menu.  

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4. Choose a username and fill out your personal information.  

Make sure to give us an email address you check regularly.  This email address will be a primary means of communication between you and parish staff.  

Parish staff will need to confirm your information and perhaps transfer registration from another parish. We may need to contact you for more information.   This make take a couple days.  When you are connected, you will receive an email from us through Parish Soft with a temporary password. 

Be sure to monitor your Spam box - our test registration confirmation went to spam!

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Step 2: Finish Registration and enter Family Member Information

1.  Once you have received your temporary password, log back in to change your password.


2.  First, go to My Family make sure all family information is filled in and correct.  

Under the "My Family" tab, click on "Family Detail" to check, correct, and fill in needed information. 

A pop-up box will appear that looks like the one below.  Make sure all information is filled in and correct. To edit or add anything, you will need to click the teal Edit button at the bottom of the window.   Before closing or moving to another tab, click save or save and close.   

After completing family details, click on the member details tab at the top of the the pop-up window to check and edit individual family member's details.

There you can edit your family information, add a spouse and any children living at home.  

To add family members click the add tab. 

If your registration can simply be transferred from another parish, you may only need to confirm all family member info is correct. 

Make sure all family member details are filled in, full names, birthdates and contact information for each family member. 

Fields with an asterisk must be completed.  


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Welcome to the Ave Maria Parish Community!