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God has a wonderful plan for each and every person. We prayerfully support each individual in the discernment of God's vocation. Talking about vocations is not a recruitment effort but a way of encouraging everyone to be open to whatever God's call is.

A life lived completely in service to God may or may not be valued by the world around us, but such a dedication to the Gospel is always treasured here in Ave Maria. There are a number of priests, deacons, and nuns who have come from Ave Maria University and our parish. As a community, we especially pray for those who have been called to a Religious Vocation. 


Women's Religious Vocations Directory:

Catholic Religious Orders and Communities:


If you are discerning a vocation to the consecrated life and would like to talk with our pastor, Father David Vidal, please email him at

Father Shawn Roser

Director of Vocations & Seminarian Formation

Diocese of Venice: 941-484-9543

EWTN presents: "I Always Wanted to Be a Wife and a Mother"

Love totally Him who gave Himself totally for your love.

Saint Clare of Assisi

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