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Gift Planning

There are several gifts that will allow you to give more than you thought possible. We invite you to review this page. Please contact Beatrice Sanford, OFS, Ave Maria Parish Gift Planning Officer at or call 239-867-4900 to learn more.

Gift of Securities

A gift of appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds can leverage your capital gains tax while supporting our ministries, the Capital Campaign for Ave Maria Church, or Ave Maria Parish School: The Donahue Academy.

Qualified Charitable Distribution or IRA Charitable Rollover

A tax efficient way of supporting Ave Maria Parish during your lifetime, an IRA Charitable Rollover is available to individuals who are required to take mandatory distributions from their IRA. You can transfer up to $100,000 annually from your IRA directly to a qualified charity like Ave Maria Catholic Church or Ave Maria Parish School: The Donahue Academy. No taxes are paid on qualified charitable distributions. 

Charitable Gift Annuity

You can establish an irrevocable gift to Ave Maria Parish through Charitable Gift Annuity. This gift can supplement your retirement income and may provide a tax benefit for up to five years. Your funds will be managed by professionals, and you will be paid a fixed dollar amount for your lifetime. 

Gift of Life Insurance

You can name your parish as the owners and irrevocable beneficiary of paid up life insurance policy that you no longer need. Not only does this allow you to make a major gift with little to no impact on your cash flow, but the cash surrendered value of your policy may also qualify as an immediate income tax deduction. 

Donor Advised Fund

You can make a gift to create a donor advised fund that will provide you with an immediate tax deduction and allow you to make distributions to qualified charities on your own time schedule. 


You can elevate Ave Maria Catholic Church to the status of family member by including the Church in your will or living trust. You will establish your legacy of generosity with your gesture that will not take effect until after you are gone. 

Ave Maria Legacy Society

Our Church has been part of the significant milestones in your life. Your gifts can help build a solid foundation to ensure our Church will continue to be here for your children, grandchildren, and generations to come. The Ave Maria Legacy Society was created to recognize those who have included Ave Maria Catholic Church or the Ave Maria Parish school: the Donahue Academy as beneficiary of an IRA, estate, or donor advised fund. 

Please contact Beatrice Sanford, OFS, Ave Maria Parish Gift Planning Officer at or call 239-867-4900 for a confidential meeting if you have made provisions or to learn more about legacy gifts.

*Ave Maria Catholic Church does not provide legal, tax or financial advice. When considering gifting options, seek the advice of your own legal and/or financial professionals. 

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