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Children's Choir

Director: Kathy Dittus

About This Ministry

What better way for children to minister at Ave Maria parish church than to lend their musical talents and joyful voices to sing at holy Mass? The purpose of the Children's Choir is to learn the beautiful hymns of the Catholic Church and to help the parish to sing and to pray during the liturgy. 


The Children's Choir of Ave Maria Parish Church sings at the 10 AM Mass twice a month. The choir is open to children in 3rd grade and above. We practice on Wednesday evenings, 6 - 7pm.


Here are the words from some of our choir members to help describe what the choir means to them:


This quote from one of our choir veterans summed our choir up nicely: "The children’s choir is a group in the Ave Maria music ministry that is filled with the innocent, enthusiastic devotion only children can provide."


“Choir is praying twice”

“My heart is steadfast, God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and make melody! Ps. 57:7 “


"Choir for me is like learning my way to heaven." 


"I feel like God gave me this talent and I just want to use it to sing for Him." 


“I love to sing and doing it for God, in a choir, is the best way possible.”


"Singing in choir allows me to experience Mass more fully."


"In the Children's Choir, I feel closer to God as well as uplifted by the other young voices joining mine to praise Him." 

"I love praising Our Lord and honoring Our Lady through the hymns we sing at Children's Choir."

"Children's Choir allows me to use my singing talent for God's glory."

“It is very joyful and beautiful in the choir loft when we sing for Sunday Masses!” 


Click HERE for sample recording of our Children's Choir singing Faure's Ave Maria.


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