Information for Priests requesting faculties

Priests visiting Ave Maria need faculties in the Diocese of Venice to celebrate or concelebrate Mass or to hear confessions.  Requests for faculties are processed through the Parish Office.  


  • The faculties of the Diocese of Venice are granted only upon the request of a Pastor (please contact the Parish Office before sending your 7 point letter from your Bishop) who has agreed to utilize the services of the extern or religious priest for whom he is requesting the faculties. A Request for Faculties form is to be completed by the parish and the Diocesan 7 point form letter is to be sent to the Chancellor’s Office before the screening process begins. Priestly faculties are granted solely for individual parishes.



  • Before a priest may begin service, he must submit an authorization for release of information. Before a priest may be granted faculties the Diocese must have received from the priest’s Bishop/Major Superior a letter attesting that the priest is of good character and reputation and that there have been no concerns associated with his priestly ministry to date that might disqualify him from service. The Diocesan 7 point form letter is required.  


  • The Bishop of the Diocese of Venice must approve the acceptance of the priest for service. Following approval, faculties will be granted by the Diocesan Bishop. 


This information can also be found on the Diocese of Venice website under policies and forms.


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