Roof Update

Dear Parishioners,

I am happy to announce that we are starting work on the church roof. I know most have you have been concerned with the roof of our beautiful church. As this is a very large church, in can be quite a formidable job to maintain its upkeep.  As many of you know throughout the years our roof has been leaking badly. This has caused serious damage to our inside ceiling and walls.  In preparation for this work, as announced at previous Masses, we have conducted inspections, received bids for the best price options, and now, after consultation with the parish finance council members, we have worked with the diocese in order to make these very much needed repairs.  The total cost of fixing the roof, sealing the roof windows and drain pipes, repairing the gutters, the rest of the work needed on the roof, and consultation is approximately 1.5 million dollars. I am pleased to announce that we have received approval for this loan with interest and work has started!  It is estimated that 90% of the work should be completed by July 3, 2020 before the full force of the rainy season causes further and more expensive damage to our beloved church.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to our finance council and all of those who contributed to the ongoing success of this project. I am sure this comes as great news to all of you who have had to suffer water leaks in the church over the years.

May our Lord bless you abundantly and may our Lady grant us her continued love at Ave Maria Parish.

Fr. Cory A. Mayer



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