• Arielle Harms

Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday certainly feels different this year: no Mass, no community Easter Egg hunts, no gathering with extended family. Yet, Christ is Risen and we are called to rejoice with the Church. While we can’t celebrate it together, we should definitely celebrate the Resurrection.

The Resurrection of Christ is the central mystery of our Christian faith and this changed everything. Through his death and resurrection, he conquered sin and death, making it possible for us to participate in his Divine Life. We receive the graces from this event through Baptism and the other sacraments.This is why we usually celebrate Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist for adult converts to Catholicism at the Easter Vigil.

At the Mass for the Easter Vigil and the Mass on Easter Sunday, we are given the opportunity to renew our baptismal promises and are sprinkled with Holy Water. At baptism, we reject sin and profess our belief in the truths contained in the Creed. While we won’t be at Mass together to do this, you can do it at home throughout the Easter season. It is an option for all Sunday Masses.

You can find the Renewal of Baptismal Promises here.

If you have holy water in your home, sprinkle it on each other or use it to make the sign of the cross after renewing your baptismal promises.

Here is a collection of fun kid-friendly resources related to the renewal of Baptismal promises.

Remember Easter is not just one day, but 50 days! We celebrate the resurrection through Pentecost Sunday, which this year falls on May 31!

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