• Arielle Harms

Domestic Church: A Place for Prayer

What do we do when we can't go to the Church for prayer? Pray at home, of course! But if you are anything like me, home can be a very distracting place! It's a great idea to have a dedicated place for prayer in your home, and I have suggestions (and materials!) to help you get started!

If you need materials for this project, I have religious art, candles, and holy water for your home prayer space. Please let me know what you need or would like to add to your space, and I can drop it off at your home or set up a time for you to come by the parish office.

If you prefer, there is also free artwork online - it just requires a printer! Check out this page of art to color or just google a saint and select images!

Once you have your space set up, whether it is a corner or a whole room, show us! Take pictures and upload to Facebook: tag our Parish Facebook page (@AveMariaCatholicChurch) and use #AveDomesticChurch or email them to me at dre@avemariaparish.org.

I can't wait to see your prayer space!

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