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Distribution of Holy Communion

Letter from the Pastor:

I have wonderful news! The bishop has given us permission to distribute Communion! What a wonderful gift to be able to receive our Lord again in the Eucharist! This news comes as a blessing and will begin on our very own Parish Feast Day March the 25th the Annunciation of our Lord.

With that said, I would like to take a moment to explain how we will distribute Communion. Please see the details below:

  1. Communion will be distributed outside the front doors of the Parish Academy, after the completion of the Live Streaming Mass, which is taking place at 12:00pm Monday through Friday, 9:00am on Saturday, & 10:00am on Sunday. See schedule below for specific times.

  2. After completion of the Live Streaming Mass, the priest will come outside the school to distribute communion and this will continue until 30 minutes have expired. At that time I have asked the priests to discontinue. This will be dependent upon weather conditions.

  3. Those wishing to receive, will need to park their car in the parking lot & then line up along the front walkway, maintaining at least 6 feet of separation to the person in front of you. Lines and distance will be marked.

  4. To prepare for reception of the Eucharist, you may wish to recite an Act of Contrition prior to exiting your vehicle. The usual conditions for receiving communion apply, i.e. fasting for an hour prior to receiving communion and being in a state of grace.

        Communion Distribution and Confessions at the Parish School Site

        Note: Everyone is required to practice social distancing while on the property. This involves keeping six feet separation from everyone while on site. Families will also need to maintain these distances (Except for babes in arms).


        Communion will be distributed in front of the school. Please see schedule for times on avemariaparish.org

  1. Entrance is by the East Entry (playground side)

  2. If you are in a car, you will drive behind the building (again near the playground) and park in the grassy area on the side of the gym  (note this area is behind the now unlocked fence)

  3. Park in an approved spot in the large field.

  4. Handicapped Parking is available in the front school parking lot.

  5. Walk ups and Bicycles are fine. Please use the bike rack.

  6. Line up in the front parking lot using the colored markers on the pavement which are six feet apart) as guides.

  7.  When the line moves please keep steady 6 foot spacing.


        Confessions are Wednesday from 2:45-3:45pm and Saturday from 9:45-10:45am

        To go to walk up confession in the front of the school:

  1.   Park in the front parking lot, using the west (playground) entrance

  2.   Line up using the spaced markers

        To go to confession by car (Only one person per vehicle):

  1.  Use the east (playground side) entrance

  2. Drive around behind the school (through the open gates)

  3. Line up in your car along the gravel roadway.

  4. When the car in front is done, drive under the big green tent.

  5. Make your confession. And exit your car if you wish to receive communion. (Out of respect for Our Lord communion will not be given if you’re in the car.)

May our Lord always bless you abundantly.

Rev. Cory A. Mayer


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