Current Schedule and Information 5/19/20

Ave Maria Parish Updates

Mass Schedule

Sunday: 8 am; 10 am: 12:30 pm Extraordinary Form

Monday- Friday: 12 noon; 5 pm

Saturday: 9 am; 5 pm Vigil

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Live Stream Masses and Communion Distribution

The Sunday 10 am and 12:30 pm Masses, Monday – Friday Noon Masses and Saturday 9 am Masses will be live-streamed. Communion will be distributed outside of the Church immediately after Mass.

Live-streamed Mass can be viewed online at:

or view previous recordings:


Wednesday: 2:45-3:45

Saturday: 9:30-10:30

In the Church. See for guidelines.

Online Offertory

Through this difficult time we still need to pay our bills!

If you are still live streaming Mass, set up your online giving today!

Online Community

Find special resources on our parish website for prayer at home, religious education, a video archive of live-streamed Mass, and more.

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