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Update on Mass Streaming options and Religious Education Materials for use at Home

Updated: Mar 10

Dear Families,

I'm sorry for my delay on getting your materials to you for your child's religious education.  As the directives from the bishop kept changing, I needed more time to formulate a workable idea for continuing our religious education program.

With Churches closed, now more than ever seems to be the time to strengthen the domestic church, that is, the life of faith in your family.  This is what we have been talking about in parent sessions all year, and if you haven't already taken the time to put it into practice, now it is your urgent duty.  It is no longer a drill - though I'm still here to help!

Introducing new practices can be difficult, but my plan is to help you establish some stability with short tasks that only take a few minutes a day.  It's likely you need to keep your kids occupied anyway, so this is a win-win situation!  You will find materials for at-home religious education on a new section of the parish website.    You can sign up to be notified when something new is posted or follow us on facebook to keep track of materials, as new items should appear there, too.

For children and teens preparing for baptism, first communion, or confirmation this year, I will have some further materials and assignments to make sure your children remain on track for the sacraments when we are able to schedule them.  These materials will be posted or sent separately.

While it is certainly not the same as attending Mass in person (check out this for an explanation of why), our parish is ready to start live-streaming Masses tomorrow!  The schedule of Masses is:

Sunday: 10 am; 12:30 pm Extraordinary Form Monday- Friday: 12 Noon Saturday: 9 am

Live-streamed Masses can be viewed at: https://www.avemariaparish.org/live-stream-mass

The recordings may be found at that link for a short time, or at: https://www.avemariaparish.org/blog/categories/recorded-masses

Confessions are scheduled for this week on Wednesday from 2:45-3:45 pm and Saturday from 9:45-10:45 am, both outdoors at the parish school. There will be someone to direct you when you arrive so that confidentiality is maintained and the  bishop's guidelines following the CDC recommendations are respected.

I'm still available if you have questions or need help! Contact me via email, phone, or at the Parish Office.

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