• Arielle Harms

Celebrating Mary in May

In addition to the liturgical Seasons and saints feast days, the Church also dedicates months to saints and aspects of the life of Christ. May starts Friday. May is dedicated to Mary. In the story of our salvation, Mary ushers in new life, growth, and the era of grace, as May brings in new life each spring.

Honoring Mary in May can be done in so many ways.

1. Refresh your home prayer space for Mary’s month.

2. Celebrate a May Crowning Ceremony to Crown Mary at home.

May Crowning Ceremony PDF

3. Incorporate Marian prayers into your family prayer time: Hail Mary, Hail Holy Queen, Memorare, Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary and more.

4. Join our parish live-stream rosary Monday- Friday at 7 pm.

5. Learn to sing a Marian Antiphon, or sing another Marian hymn. The Regina Caeli is appropriate to learn for Mary during the Easter season.

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