Registration Instructions

Registration for Religious Education classes and Sacrament preparation classes is online this year for the first time through our online parish software, ParishSoft!  We hope this registration process will make our registration process smoother than ever!  

To use ParishSoft, you will first need to create an account.  We approve your account and link it to your parish registration information already in the system.  Once the account is approved, you can log back in to register for Religious Education classes. 

Step 1: Register for ParishSoft


Navigate to

Select "New User?" to create an account. 

In New User Registration, be sure to select "Ave Maria Catholic Church" as the Organization in the dropdown menu.  

Choose a username and fill out your personal information.  

Make sure to give us an email address you check regularly.  This email address will be a primary means of communication between you and parish staff.  

If you are a previously registered parishioner, we will need to connect your username to your info in Parish Soft.  This make take a couple days.  When you are connected, you will receive an email from us through Parish Soft with a temporary password. 

Be sure to monitor your Spam box - our test registration confirmation went to spam!

New parishioners can register through the online form as well.  Once you have submitted the request for new user registration, parish staff will approve your registration or contact you for more information before you receive a temporary password. 

Once you have a temporary password, you can log in and finish filling out information for all your family members. 

Step 2: Confirm Contact Information and Family Member Information

Once you have received your temporary password, log back in to change your password and register for Religious Education and Sacrament Preparation classes.  

First, make sure all family information is filled in and correct.  Update addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, and check birthdates, name spelling and more. 

Under the "My Family" tab, click on "Family Detail" to check, correct, and fill in needed information. 

A pop-up box will appear that looks like the one below.  Make sure all information is filled in and correct. To edit or add anything, you will need to click the teal Edit button at the bottom of the window.   Before closing or moving to another tab, click save or save and close.   You will not be able to complete registration for Religious Education if any boxes are not filled in.  

After completing family details, click on the member details tab at the top of the the pop-up window to check and edit individual family member's details. 

Under individual family members, make sure all information is correct in the main part of the screen and under the general tab for contact information.  

You will need to click the teal Edit Details tab at the bottom of the pop up to edit information.  Be sure to save it before closing. 

We will use birthdate information to determine class placement for religious education, so make sure it is correct.  Contact info should be kept up to date so parish staff can contact you.  

Switch between family members by clicking their individual tab at the top of the pop up box.  

Under the Religious Education tab, click Online Registration.

You will be given the opportunity to review family details. 

Then select the enrollment term.  

Once you have an enrollment term selected, you can add a student under Step 3.  

When you click add a student, a pop up window appears.  From the drop down menu, select the family member you wish to add.  Assign them a grade, based on age.  Then input any special needs.  

Under class preferences, select the appropriate class.  Remember First Communion and Confirmation are two year programs.  Select the appropriate year.  If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Religious Education.  

You only need to select one class preference choice.  We will assign classes and make sure their is room in the class your child needs to be in.  

If changes are necessary, we will contact you.  

After registering for classes, you will have the opportunity to review the information before submitting. 

You will receive a confirmation screen showing that your registration was submitted.  

As the beginning of the religious education year gets closer, we will follow up via email with any other needed paperwork, class schedules and other pertinent information. 

If you have any questions about religious education please contact Arielle Harms, Director of Religious Education. 

If you have any difficulties with the online system, please contact the parish office.  

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