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Catholic Youth Organization - CYO

Contact: Charlie Thompson

About Us

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) is an umbrella program that will house sports and other activities for the youth of Ave Maria.  CYO was renewed in southwest Florida by St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Naples after having been dormant in Florida for over 35 years. The main focus of CYO is to provide low-cost, persistent, and consistent events and activities that will enliven and engage youth and draw them closer to Jesus and the Catholic faith through their relationships and fellowship with each other. 


Catholic Adult Organization (CAO) was introduced to provide opportunities for the adult population of Ave Maria. In previous years, CYO has run successful soccer and basketball programs while CAO has offered men's pickup basketball, family dances, and family beach days. These programs are volunteer-led and therefore require extensive engagement and planning within the community.  If you are interested in coordinating a CYO or CAO activity or event, please contact Charlie Thompson. 


Charlie Thompson